Experience The Transformation

Bikram Yoga is a form of hatha yoga done in a heated room. It is a 90 minute beginning series where you will be guided through each and every posture with encouraging words and knowledge by your teacher. The heat is a fantastic tool to help warm your muscles so you will be able to stretch safely as well as release toxins and flush the body. You will develop patience, courage, determination and come closer to your true self. We welcome you to come experience the transformation.

New To Bikram YOGA?

If it is your first time to Bikram Yoga please come to class  15-30 minutes early.  This is extremely important for your safety and comfort.  

Latecomers will not be admitted.  The door is locked at the start of class. 

Please take the day off from yoga class if you have a cough or cold.  Pushing through an illness will not help your recovery, it will only slow it down. Obviously, we would like to prevent others from getting sick, too. 

It is best to come to class on an empty stomach although not completely fasted. We recommend eating something light 1-2 hours before class. If you tend to be hypoglycemic, having a small amount of food in your system before class is especially important.

Come to class well hydrated rather than solely relying on hydrating during class.  

Please, no perfumes or scented creams.  

Bring a large towel (like a beach towel or bath towel) and yoga mat if you have one. We have towels & mats available for rent if needed (Towel Set $3 and Yoga Mat $2).

What To Wear
Snug-fitting, stretchy lycra/cotton type tops and bottoms, leotards, bathing suits, or athletic shorts. Sweat pants and bulky shirts will be uncomfortable in the hot room. 


All classes are generally appropriate for all levels of fitness.  This class may not be appropriate for those with uncontrolled disorders such as hypertension, Afib, Type I diabetes or other metabolic disorders.  Please check with your doctor.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class to register.