Bikram Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga done in a heated room. It is a 90 minute beginners posture series suitable for all levels of ability. The postures in the series work in synergy and cumulatively to align and balance the body.

Bikram yoga builds stamina, improves coordination and provides many health benefits.  Your teacher will guide you through each of the 26 postures, using descriptive verbal cues.  

If you listen carefully, work honestly, and try the right way you will develop discipline, patience and courage. You will come closer to your true self. 

How to Prepare for Bikram Yoga: 

If it is your first time to Bikram Yoga please come to class  15-30 minutes early.  This is extremely important for your safety and comfort. Late arrivals will not be admitted. Plan your travel time accordingly; the door is locked promptly at the scheduled class time. 

It is best to come to class on an empty stomach although not completely fasted. We recommend eating something light 2-3 hours before class. If you tend to be hypoglycemic, having a small amount of food in your system before class is especially important.

Please take the day off from yoga class if you have a cough or cold.  Pushing through an illness will not help your recovery, it will only slow it down. Obviously, we would like to prevent others from getting sick, too. 

All classes are generally appropriate for all levels of fitness.  This class may not be appropriate for those with uncontrolled disorders such as hypertension, Afib, Type I diabetes or other metabolic disorders.  Please check with your doctor.

What to Bring to Class:

Bring a large towel (like a beach towel or bath towel).  We have towel sets available to rent: $3.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We have yoga mats available to rent: $2. 

Bring water to drink during and after class.  Water is available for purchase:  $2

Best Clothes for Bikram Yoga:

Clothing should fit close to the body and be such that your arms and legs are able to move freely with minimal restriction.  

Shorts and a tank top are a good choice for both men and women.  Avoid bulky sweat pants and T-shirts; they will be uncomfortable in the hot room.  Avoid zippers, snaps and drawstrings; they could chafe your skin

Pricing and Coupon Holders

Coupon Holders:  Bring your voucher (with the coupon code) along with a photo ID with you and give it to the front desk staff before your first class.

Check the tuition page for ongoing specials, such as our One-Month Unlimited Intro for all first-time students to our school! (No coupon necessary, must be a Colorado resident.) 

**Please read before attending your first class**

1. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your first class in order to check in properly. We anticipate being busy during promo offers so showing up late or just before class begins may result in missing the class. This is also out of respect for everyone ready and prepared for class to start on time.  We have plenty of classes to choose from so you may pick the one that works best for you.

2. Bring a yoga mat,  two large towels to cover your mat, a bottle of water  and make sure to be well hydrated before coming to class. For more helpful tips and advice please read our ”New Students” section on our website to prepare for your first class.

We do have mats and towels to rent as well.

3. Bring your Groupon, Living Social, or BoCo coupon with you to the studio and present to front desk staff. Unfortunately, if you forget your coupon we will not be able to honor the coupon package.

Coupons absolutely must be redeemed by the expiration date stated on your coupon. We will not accept any vouchers beyond that date.

  • No cash back for unused portion.
  • No cash value.
  • Not valid with any other promotion.
  • Cannot combine or replace with any other offers.
  • One per person.
  • No refunds. All sales are final.

Groupon, Living Social and BOCO Coupon holders please refer to your coupon details.