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How to Get More Energy: Boost Your Energy With These 4 Simple Steps

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have a full and busy schedule from morning til night.

Most people have a hard time doing all the things they have to do in a day. They typically wish a day lasts for 36 instead of 24 hours. Some of them get through the entire to-do list to find themselves extremely tired and run down at the end of it.

But then there are some whose lack of energy begins before they even start doing their tasks for the day. Most wake up feeling lethargic even when they’ve had 8 or more hours of sleep.

This leads to problems with productivity, even when they force themselves to work, they end up becoming more tired. This also tends to take a toll on family and social life, as these tend to be neglected.

There are some things that can increase energy, these include certain lifestyle changes and help from supplements and vitamins.

How to Boost Energy Levels

1) Enough Rest

Getting the proper amount of sleep is important in maintaining a high energy level throughout the day. Daily chores and work load takes its toll on the mind and body, and getting fitful sleep helps restore depleted.

However, several people have difficulty getting to bed. One of the leading causes of insomnia is stress; if the mind and body are tired, it’s still hard to let go of problems and relax. A bedtime routine can help curb this. Creating a relaxing bedroom environment and avoiding stimulants before bedtime also helps.

2) Diet and Exercise

Certain foods tend to deplete energy more than others. It is not a secret that heavy meals make the body more sluggish.

Carbohydrates are one famous culprit. Athletes tend to carbo-load before big games so that they have a huge burst of energy. However, if the carbohydrates don’t get burned right away with frenetic activity, they tend to make people sleepy.

Choosing junk foods is another way to sabotage energy levels. These have no real nutrients, and are unable to fuel the body for long. Eating a well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables will bring a marked improvement.

Exercising also leads to having more energy. Proper exercise increases heart rate, improves blood flow, and boosts endorphin production. This makes you more alert and more ready for action. Working out often results in a clearer mind and an overall feeling of well being.

3) Weight Loss

Low activity level leads to weight gain, which contributes to low energy levels.

It is often hard for obese or overweight people to lose weight, because their bodies are already used to not burning calories. This is ironic because the best way to lose weight is by increasing metabolism with activity while limiting food intake to healthy alternatives.

Natural weight-loss products such as Guarana Blast can help. Made of Guarana fruit from Brazil, this product increases energy and suppresses the appetite. It also removes toxins to improve circulation and digestion.

Since the product helps people lose weight faster and easier, it gives extra confidence. This helps motivate dieters to lose more weight in the long run.

4) Supplements

Several supplements and over-the-counter drugs are marketed to improve energy levels. These can help improve energy, but some may have harmful side effects. Some may even have ingredients such as ephedrine, which can be used to create metamphetamines.


While these can increase awareness, they typically have a natural “crash”, wherein the energy level suddenly drops. People taking this can also build up immunity, such that they require larger doses to get the desired effect. Caffeine also has a similar effect.

There are natural products that can give an energy boost without side effects. Cylapril is made from Acai Berries. It helps revitalize the body’s Adrenal system. It cleans and removes toxins and increases the production of adrenaline, a naturally-produced hormone that increases energy.

Lack of energy can also be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. If you have explored every avenue without success, the problem could lie deeper. Diabetes is one illness that leaves people tired. It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding unexplained low energy levels.

Meet Our Instructors

Antonella Caruso: Director of Prema Shanti Yoga began her journey with yoga in her teens. At age 23, she began a holistic journey, finding her first yoga teacher. She soon found with consistent yoga practice relief from her health issues – back problems, poor energy and concentration, negative thoughts, weak immune system, poor eating habits.  

Later with the encouragement of a friend and yoga teacher she began sub-teaching classes. The experiences were transforming and so pursued yoga instructor training through the local YTA and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Now practicing Yoga for 20 years, and teaching yoga for 15 years throughout West Chester to various populations.

A longtime journey to create space, cultivate a yoga community, serve and introduce students to a deep yoga practice and support from friends, students has naturally blossomed into prema shanti yoga.

Her passion and unique style has been cultivated by studying with great yoga masters: Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Yogi Amrit Desai, Bikram, David Swenson, Beryl Bender Birch, Duncan Wong, Senior  Kripalu Yoga Teachers, Alphonse Trapanese, Janice Clarefield, Judith Lasater, Jonas Westring. 

You are invited to experience authentic yoga practice and learning.  Her classes blend the dynamics of flow, integrating and interweaving movement, breath and postures. She invites you through gentle language to deepen your connection with body, mind and spirit. You are invited to play and explore movement, sound and breath…often exploring the full range of sensations and investigating as well as training the mind.  

Available Yoga Classes

Classes are structured with an intention for practice, centering, pranayama, warmups, postures, relaxation and meditation.  Classes are designed to be beneficial and serve the students individual needs.  

A comfortable, meditative environment is prepared; purposeful music is played, candles are lit, optimal room temperature maintained, inspirational quotes are read, students provided with individual attention. Yoga blankets, pillows, blocks, ties are available for students to explore body awareness and encourage ease in postures. Her joy lies in her relationship with students, integrating their individual paths on and off the yoga mat.   Contact her at

She enjoys teaching students of all ages, body types, needs and levels.   She specializes in teaching yoga to pregnant women and enjoys the introducing and teaching the benefits of restorative yoga to everyone.  She particularly finds private yoga sessions a great tool for everyone to indulge in- working one on one with her students is very rewarding.

She is currently registered with the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher at the the 500 hour level-   ERYT-500.

To deepen her understanding and to serve her pregnant students with greater skill she is currently studying to become a DOULA under DONA.

Yoga for the Mind & Soul

Just start where you are, you don’t have to wait to be highly evolved. A little bit each day, two minutes, five minutes.

Always work to the best of your ability without caring what comes out of it, without caring what others will think about it.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga: Literally translates as knowledge yoga, uses two main tools to bring about yoga: viveka (discrimination) and vairayaga (dispassion).

Viveka is the constant scrutinizing of every thought, every emotion, every sensation to determine what is real and what is not.

Real being that which is unchanging and unreal is everything that is changeable and impermanent. At the same time, vairayaga accompanies one to stay unattached in order to really see reality for what it is – mind made.

The ultimate goal of Jnana is to see the difference between the object of our awareness and that part of ourselves which can be called the knower or the witness.

Once we realize that everything is changing all the time and the only true stillness is the witness within ourselves, we can rest in that part. With continued practice, for a long time, without break and in all earnestness all ignorance fades and yoga is achieved.

Dharna (concentration)

Many meditation techniques fall into this category. Just like a good cook needs sharp and strong knives so a yogi needs to have strong and focused mental powers to probe the depths of the mind.

Dhyana (meditation)

Patanajali defines meditation as concentration that is unbroken.

As an example, if your object of concentration is a candle, you can hold your attention on it without wavering for a long time. Or the object of concentration can be your heart or the tip of your nose.

Samadhi (superconsciousness)

In samadhi, meditation becomes so deep that we begin to experience states of ecstasy, and super- conscious states where we go even beyond the confines of thinking and thought and touch something deeper that is within us always.

When the highest state of samadhi is achieved, the final part of our selfish ego is burned off and we become like the ancient masters; radiantly peaceful, completely content with whatever life brings us, and dedicated to selfless service in the name of mankind with an open and compassionate heart.

Karma Yoga: It is the path of action where we try to work a little bit more selflessly in the world. So that every act becomes an act of worship. That way we transform everything around us into the sacred, so there is no secular left. And so it becomes all encompassing, it becomes universal, all-accepting.

Like Mother Theresa used to say – I’m serving Christ. Christ in the poor, the destitute, or the one ridden with leprosy. How can I treat every single person as my teacher, as the divine embodied in front of me.

Strive with every ounce of your strength for self-realization, and then translate that into action. You grow a little bit, and you are able to serve more effectively more selflessly, and through that you grow – elegant positive feedback, reinforcing itself, spiraling upward.

Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative yoga is a gentle, meditative practice using supported asanas and simple yoga props, slow deep breathing to enable the practitioner to completely relax, revitalize and restore energy. 

The complete relaxation response allows for the release of deeply held tensions while strengthening the immune system. 

It encourages a state of being rather than doing, therefore beneficial for all yoga students needing a more gentle yoga experience, students healing from an injury, those looking to balance an active practice and lifestyle.

Benefits include:  relief from symptoms resulting from stress, supportive of women during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, fantastic for anyone wishing to experience a sense of well-being and rejuvenation resulting from deep rest and relaxation.

Antonella Caruso is a Kripalu professional certified yoga instructor – Registered with Yoga Alliance as and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher(ERYT-500)and director of Prema shanti yoga.

Studying yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for 15 years. Certified with Judith Lasater as a Relax and Renew Trainer and she continues to study and teach the receptive, restoring benefits of yoga practice.

  • 12-Week Series
    Begins: Every Friday 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Fee:$240 10% off when registered by Dec 28th.
  • Trial Class available by appointment-$20-cash only
    Must be pre-registered prior to attending first class.
  • No Drop-Ins. Join Anytime
    Pro-rated for late registration.  Not pro-rated for missed classes

Click Here for Registration Form
Refer to Studio Class Payment/Charge and Attendance Policy

Yoga Props to Bring with you

Yoga support props available at studio for your convenience, you are welcome to bring your favorite mat, pillows, blankets, and eye pillows. 

Yoga Classes During Pregnancy

You are invited to experience a gentle yoga class in a supportive environment and community with other women. Our tools will be breath-work, vocal toning, abdominal and pelvic toning, warm-ups, postures, supported restorative postures and birthing postures, relaxation, meditation and visualization. 

Learn to cultivate a calm mind and confidence, develop coordination, strength and flexibility, and connect with your baby in preparation for the birthing process with ease and joy.

The classes provide an opportunity to develop greater vitality and awareness of your body that is a home for two, as well as to deepen your relationship with your baby.

Antonella Caruso-ERYT-500:  Professional Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Certified Pregnancy(Prenatal) Yoga Teacher and  Certified Relax and Renew Trainer. Currently studying as a Birth Doula-in-Training thru DONA.  Teaching women at different stages of pregnancy.  Teaching yoga for over 15 years practicing for 20 years.

12-week series Begins Next Tuesdays 7:30- 9 pm

Must be preregistered.  Join anytime. No Drop-ins
Fee- $240/series 10% off when registered with a partner.

Trial Class available by appointment– $20-cash only- Doctors Note Required to Attend.

Nurturing Mom-to-Be: A Intro Prenatal Yoga Workshop Next Sunday – $50 – Registration Required to insure workshop will be held.

Submit registration form and payment prior to attending to confirm.

Pro-rated for early delivery date and late registration. Not pro-rated for missed classes. This series is beneficial at all stages of Pregnancy. No yoga experience required. Refer to Studio Payment/Charge and Class Card/Attendance Policy

Wear comfortable clothing and bring bottled water. Yoga mats, blocks, blankets, pillows available at studio. Feel free to bring your favorite blanket, bamboo pillow, eye pillows, etc.  Be guided by your comfort.

Partner Yoga Workshop for Birth Preparation

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples together to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labor and birth.

Learning functional yoga tools through discussion, gentle postures, breath-work, vocal toning, meditation and massage, couples will cultivate greater relaxation, intimacy, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing. 

Calm and confidence ease the birthing process, reducing pain and increase the joy of giving birth.

Couples will practice giving and receiving in a supportive partner yoga practice that is beneficial for cultivating connection, and harmony throughout pregnancy and during labor. Expectant fathers feel more connected to the unborn baby.

The presence, participation and encouragement of a woman’s partner are a powerful aid to labor and delivery. Expectant fathers will be encouraged to understand how to support their partners with confidence and sensitivity.

This workshop is available for all partners of pregnant mothers and Beneficial at any stage of pregnancy with No previous experience necessary.

Pregnancy Yoga Gear to Bring

Once you have signed up and ready to start your pregnancy yoga class, you will need to come prepared.

The most important item to bring is an extra soft yoga mat. You can choose to bring a standard mat for yoga, however, one that has extra padding is recommended.

The Next item you should have is a soft and fluffy pillow. You can use any standard pillow or a full body pillow for pregnant women for even more support.

Finally, the last item you should consider bringing to your yoga class is a large bottle of water.

You can find either of the previous items available in case you forget to bring them and you can even purchase bottled water from our vending machines.

Yoga Class Descriptions

At BikramYogaMonterey, we offer classes to students of yoga practice that wish to begin and/or maintain a regular practice that is progressive and integrative.

We believe that commitment is essential to establishing a regular consistent yoga practice and receive the full benefits of YOGA.

What Yoga Can Do For You:

  • Experience Life Fully Alive & Present
  • Relieves the symptoms of Stress
  • Increases Focus & Concentration
  • Cultivates a Calm Mind
  • Strengthen Cardio & Immune System
  • Improves Posture/Range of Motion
  • Reduces emotional/physical stress
  • Normalizes Blood Pressure
  • Reduces/Eliminates Back Pain
  • Increases Energy & Restful Sleep
  • Tones/Relaxes Muscles
  • Cultivates a Joyful Inner Experience
  • Cultivates Deep Awareness Of Being
  • Improves Relationship with Breath
  • And Much More!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 1- Gentle/Beginner: designed for new students and those who wish to explore a gentle practice learn basic principles of yoga postures, pranayama, relaxation, meditation and philosophy/psychology.

Level 1/2-  Advanced/ Beginner Vinyasa:  designed for beginner students who wish to deepen and expand there practice-  Exploring some gentle flow practice, deeper pranayama and meditation. 

Level 2- Moderate/Intermediate Vinyasa: designed for students who have yoga experience and wish to explore a flow practice (Kripalu/Vinyasa), deeper Pranayama (breath-work), Bandhas(Energy Locks), Relaxation/Meditation- prerequisite. Level one or 6months exp required.

Level2/3-Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa: designed for experienced yoga students who have an experiential yoga practice with knowledge of basic postures and pranayama, studying for at least 2 years who wish to deepen their practice.

The learning at this level will focus on cultivating more awareness and concentration in the mind and body through Vinyasa, Pranayama, Bandhas and Meditation. 

Must have instructors permission to register and attend.  This is not an exercise class.  Come with an open mind and heart to learn and awaken to your true self.

Class Descriptions

Yogalates/Postnatal: The wonderful marriage of yoga and  Pilates designed for those who wish to maintain the benefits of yoga with the essential core work of Pilates.  

A complimentary practice for postnatal mom’s to regain core strength and flexibility, revitalize body and mind for your new journey with baby. (This is not a mommy and me yoga class) Open level

Restorative Yoga:  Is a gentle, meditative practice using supported asanas and simple yoga props, slow deep breathing to enable the practitioner to completely relax, revitalize and restore energy. 

The complete relaxation response allows for the release of deeply held tensions while  strengthening the immune system. 

It encourages a state of being rather than doing, therefore beneficial for all yoga students needing a more gentle yoga experience, students healing from injury, those looking to balance an active practice and lifestyle. 

Fantastic for anyone wishing to experience a sense of well being and rejuvenation resulting from deep rest and relaxation.

Active-Dynamic/ Restorative Yoga- This class is designed for all fitness levels, physical conditions and ages including beginners, people who have little or years of experience with hatha yoga. Read More.

Prenatal Yoga: You are invited to experience a gentle yoga class in a supportive environment and community with other women. Read More.

Private Yoga: Private sessions for Adults and Kids are offered to those students who wish to start or deepen their practice, students who wish to work one-on-one, have individual needs that require personal attention, or regular class times don’t fit into their schedule.

 Thai Yoga: Is an ancient and sacred healing art with deep roots in yogic and Buddhist practices. 

As a uniquely diverse and powerful healing modality it provides a deeply rejuvenating and transformational experience both or the recipient and the practitioner.

Various yoga and meditation techniques make Thai Yoga a graceful and holistic form of applies hands on therapy that emphasizes alignment principles, mindful presence, safety, individual needs, and balance of the human energy body. 

It is done on futon mat with the client dressed in comfortable clothing that allows full movement of the entire body leaving the student completely recharged, balanced and inspired.

Kids Yoga: When children do yoga, they integrate and restore the whole mind-body system.  They override the stress response. 

They become clear for learning and develop both mental and physical focus, strength, balance and flexibility.  The sessions are filled with  yoga poses, breathing exercises, games and time-in (relaxation and recharge). 

Postures integrate, sooth and energize the body and mind by releasing tension, activating coordination and awareness and stimulating circulation. 

Breathing exercises calm and balance the nervous system to increase well-being and intellectual receptivity. 

Games that are fun explore physical challenges in a non-competitive way enhancing fitness, skills, teamwork and creative thinking. Time-in gives children the opportunity to create deeper connection with their inner being, integrate and process there learning.

Yoga practice is beneficial with consistent practice and integration.  Each level of yoga practice is designed to deepen your understanding and experience of self and yoga.

Common Paths of Yoga

With so many yoga styles floating around these days it can be confusing to understand how all of these styles fit together and what they share in common.

Yoga is a system and a science of exploring what it means to be human, in this body, with this mind and connect to the divine that is within all of us.

Just like different tools are needed for different jobs, so different paths of yoga are prescribed for different people. Below are the four main paths outlined in the ancient India text the Bhagavad Gita. As you read this, think to yourself, which one of these paths fits best with my personality?

Different Paths of Yoga

Bhakti Yoga: This is the yoga of devotion. Of complete surrender to whatever chosen deity or God we believe in.

This is the path that is commonly practiced by the Hari Krishnas, you know, those guys you see on the streets in robes, singing, dancing, and chanting. It involves heart opening practices like mantras, and thinking about the wisdom stories, connecting with aspects of whatever you call Divine, with what makes you feel connected.

One of the things that seems important to me about bhakti is what Krishna says in the Gita: all the paths work, but the bhakti path is easier, because it gives you a form to focus on.

Within the bhakti tradition, you reflect on Kali, Krishna, Jesus, or whoever is your favorite form and as that reflection matures you let go of the separation, you take the deity into your body and you feel like you are Krishna or Kali.

In bhakti yoga losing yourself in the devotion brings deep happiness that leads toward wisdom, love, and clear seeing.

Raja Yoga: Outlined by the sage Patanjali in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, translated as royal yoga, Raja consists of eight steps that ultimately lead to the enlightened state of samadhi.

Yama (abstinence) – non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-greed.

Beginning with the outside world, this step is a good recipe for how the yogi should prepare him/her self.

It deals with the vital matters of our behavior, our attitudes, and how we are with others.

Niyama (observance) -purity, contentment, accepting but not causing pain, study of spiritual books, and self surrender to God

The second steps encourages us to treat our bodies as a temple that houses the spirit within. Keep it pure, clean. The same goes for speech and thought, keeping those clean and pure makes for a holy temple that becomes our vehicle for practicing yoga.

Asana (posture)

The downward dogs, the lounges, and the headstands, all fit into this category. In fact almost any Western style yoga class, no matter if its called shadow yoga, Iyengar, or Vinyasa, fits into this third step in the Raja Yoga tradition.

Developed thousands of years ago, these poses are meant to cleanse and strengthen the body to prepare us for the later stages of yoga.

Pranayama (breath control)

Once the body has become strong and steady, what to do with this crazy monkey mind?

To practice meditation we need not only a steady body but also a still mind and thus pranayama is used.

There are dozens of different breathing techniques to help with pregnancy and all with the purpose of purifying the mind.

Pratyhara (sense withdrawal)

As we get into this fifth stage, we are now ready to begin the journey inward and this means relinquishing our attachment to the world. In this stage we much let go of the need for others approval, and of societal norms.

Here, the entire focus of our minds in every moment is set on observing the internal world that is within ourselves. This includes our bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

Meet Our Instructors PT 4

Scott Shelton

I discovered Bikram yoga in 2006, after coming back from living in Europe for a couple of years. I didn’t initially go for the exercise; I thought it might help bring clarity and bring me out of the funk I was feeling after returning home to the States.

I learned to really love the practice and the new feeling of increased vitality and mind/body connection. It’s the taming of the monkey mind that has been the greatest benefit for me, and learning that the asanas (postures) are just the tip of the iceberg of the study and practice of yoga. It’s the greater self-realization within the unified whole that has become the focus of my practice and my website, Since the fall 2009,

I’ve loved sharing my enthusiasm for this practice, and hopefully helping to inspire others on their own journey. I began my teaching in Boise, Idaho, and now enjoy being a part of the awesome community at Bikram Boulder!

Jordin Murphree

I have been practicing Bikram yoga since fall 2001. I attended Teacher Teaching in spring of 2002.

Health and wellness has been a great interest of mine since I was a teenager. I had always been involved in some sort of physical exercise, whether it was swimming, aerobics at the gym, trail running, or any other number of sports.

When I first started my yoga practice, I immediately recognized it as so much more than just another form of exercise. I was fascinated by how empowered and connected to myself I felt after each class, along with feeling that I had a complete physical workout.

I started arranging my life so that I could attend class. Within a few months, I knew I wanted to teach and share it with others since it had made such an impact on my life. I am truly grateful for it!

Brenda Smith

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga now for eight years. When I moved to Boulder from Milwaukee, I was in search of yoga, as I had been practicing there. I went to BYCI in Boulder and never needed to go anywhere else. The yoga has everything one needs to achieve ideal health and well being during pregnancy! I went to the teacher training in spring 2010 in Las Vegas. What an experience!

The Bikram yoga practice is one of endless benefits; to just face yourself in the mirror each time you practice helps guide you toward what you need. I knew that this was something I’d commit to for a lifetime, and teaching has solidified this for me. I am also a teacher of kiddos, so it has been fun to see the similarities and differences of teaching in the studio.

I commit to being an instructor because the yoga works, and I have witnessed firsthand how it can better one’s life, in all ways. I was a broken-down, injured runner when I began, and to this day, post-baby, I am running painlessly and with more enjoyment than ever, baby stroller and all!

I practiced Bikram yoga though most of my pregnancy. Bikram yoga is a true gift, and I encourage ALL people to integrate it into their lives.

Tim Smith

I got Bikram’s book and tape in 1988 and practiced in my living room for years. I started attending class at Radha’s studio in January of 2000. I attended Teacher Training in fall 2000 and have been teaching regularly since then.

Years of running had resulted in chronic knee pain. Bikram yoga got me out of pain, and that more than anything else and inspired me to want to teach and share what works for me.

Latest Bikram Yoga Class Instructors

Below you will find another series of yoga instructor bios and introductions. You can find information about other instructors here as well.

Amy Grace

I have been practicing about five years. I have been teaching about 2.5 years.

I was in constant pain for about two years from a very irritated sciatic nerve during pregnancy. When I went to my first class, I had no idea what I was getting into. What I learned was that my chronic pain was gone after just six classes.

I was inspired and amazed by every instructor, and I still am. I am not sure if any one thing made me want to teach, but I have never regretted becoming an instructor as I see amazing things happen to people in every single class. I still love teaching; every single class.

Jonny Mauk

I have been practicing Bikram yoga since 2002. I attended Teacher Training  in 2004. The teachers at the Bikram Yoga studios have inspired me since the beginning.

I saw that after a couple of short months of practicing, the chronic joint pain I had disappeared, and I felt like I understood myself so much better. I knew I was committed to this practice for a lifetime and becoming a teacher was the next step.

Lori Hansen

I am originally from Los Angeles but have lived all over the world. I started Bikram at age 52 at Radha’s studio (September 2008). I went to the spring Training in Palm Desert in 2009.

I have taught many forms of exercise and dance since I was 17 (39 years of teaching in all). I LOVE to teach and help people reach their optimal health. However, due to injuries and having to demonstrate when teaching ballet, aerobics, etc.,

I had stopped teaching for a short time. When I stepped into the Boulder studio I felt like I had “come home” and decided to go to training within two weeks. I love the yoga and I love to teach. Bikram is one of a kind…

Luna Sheroff

I took my first Bikram class at Radha’s studio in November 1999 and was hooked immediately. I graduated from Bikram’s spring 2001 Teacher Training in L.A.

I love Bikram yoga because it keeps a person so vital! Within my first few classes, I knew I had embarked on a lifetime transformative journey with this practice.

Of course I had to share it! Bikram quotes his guru, Bishnu Ghosh: “You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch,” and has delivered to us an amazing series of yoga postures available to heal the masses, not just the elite. This is revolutionary, and I am proud to be a part of the movement! Long live Bikram yoga! 

Our Senior Bikram Instructors

In this article we continue with more introductions to give you the opportunity to meet our Yoga instructors.

Esak Garcia

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2007. I have been a Bikram Yoga instructor since 2011.

I love the practice from the first deep breathing exercise in the first class I ever did, which was being taught by Bikram. I practiced for 7 years before making the plunge into teacher training.

I was living in Brazil and practicing on my own, which made my friends curious, so I began to informally teach them. That experience motivated me to go to teacher training and learn how to instruct properly.

Even then I never imagined that the practice and teaching would become such a huge part of my life as it has. I love practicing because it makes me feel amazing! I love teaching because people love practicing and I get to facilitate that for them.

JJ Garcia

I was born right here in Boulder Colorado. My first Bikram yoga class was in 2004 at the age of 8 from Bikram himself. My mom was attending the first-ever Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and I came at the end of training for a trip to Disneyland. Little did I know this was just the beginning of a lifelong adventure with Bikram yoga.

I remember one of my first classes with Bikram: I was just a boy and only did the floor series at the time, but when it came time for Camel pose, Bikram told me, “Don’t let go of your heels.” He proceeded to pick me up by my lower spine, (with one hand, palm up), and then he walked me around the room and said, “This is flying Camel!”

I practiced this yoga from time to time between the ages of 8 and 13, but during high school I was involved in too many sports to keep up a practice. By 19, I had suffered injuries to both knees as well as my left ankle. This limited me from working out much at all for the next two years.

After another attempt in swimming and basketball, I decided that the pain was too much, and I returned to my Bikram yoga practice in 2016. I have been practicing four or more times a week since then, including a time where I came more than 400 days in a row.

In fall 2017, I decided three days before training started to attend. I packed up my truck and drove to LA where I spent an amazing nine weeks at training.

I love teaching this yoga just like I loved coaching kids’ sports. It’s helped heal me from several injuries, and it truly brings out the best in everyone—which I love that I get to see every day.

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