Monterey peninsula's only Bikram Yoga studio.  We keep our studio heated to 105 degrees and 50% humidity. Sweat and cleanse to keep you skin moisturized and looking younger.  Hot yoga in Monterey is the fountain of youth helping you to manage your weight especially as we age.  Yoga will compliment other fitness activities that you do such as running, weight lifting, Cross fit, swimming, and especially surfing and skating.

Hatha yoga suited to all levels of ability including beginners

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching will make you more flexible, but you do not have to be flexible to receive the powerful health benefits of yoga.  Hatha yoga (yoga of mind and body) uses the body to stimulate internal organs and body systems to promote general health and well being.  As flexibility improves, so does the potential for internal change. 

  • your arms and legs will massage your abdominal organs
  • your chin will stimulate your thyroid and stretch your brain stem
  • your spine will squeeze your pancreas and stretch your kidneys

As your learn to move in a way that allows your body's systems to improve, you will gain self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your Whole Self.  Yoga is a form of exercise unlike any other.  It may seem strange and not make much sense at first but keep trying. With a bit of practice it will become very natural, and intuitively and intrinsically rewarding.  Besides all that, it just feels good!

The Benefits of the Heat

Heat is a powerful tool which provides many benefits during exercise:

1) Heat allows your muscles to stretch safely and joints to move more freely.  

2) Heat increases metabolism assisting with weight loss & weight maintenance.  

3) Scientists  continue to find evidence that slightly elevated body temperatures help certain types of immune cells to work better at fighting both viral and bacterial infections before they take hold.  

4) Heat causes vasodialation allowing arteries and veins to relax and widen. This widening results in less vascular resistance speeding the process of bringing favorable nutrients (particularly oxygen) into damaged tissues and simultaneously eliminating metabolic toxins. Vasodialation is also the key to treating certain conditions such as hypertension, angina, congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.    


All classes are generally appropriate for all levels of fitness.  This class may not be appropriate for those with uncontrolled disorders such as hypertension, Afib, Type I diabetes or other metabolic disorders.  Please check with your doctor.