Its important to arrive before the scheduled class time.  Monterey peninsula's only Bikram Yoga studio.  We keep our studio heated to 105 degrees and 50% humidity. Sweat and cleanse to keep you skin moisturized and looking younger.  Hot yoga in Monterey is the fountain of youth helping you to manage your weight especially as we age.  Yoga will compliment other fitness activities that you do such as running, weight lifting, Cross fit, swimming, and especially surfing and skating. 

Hatha yoga suited to all levels of ability including beginners



1. Be on Time

If you are new to our studio PLEASE arrive 15-30 minutes early.  This is critical for your safety and comfort.  Late arrivals will not be admitted.  Plan your travel time accordingly; the door is locked promptly at the scheduled class time. 

If you are an experienced student, continue to arrive comfortably early as a gesture of self-discipline and respect for your fellow students. 

2. Be Safe

Please let the teacher know if you are experiencing any orthopedic pain, particularly joint pain in your lower back, knees, or shoulders. 

If you are not feeling well, especially if you have a chest cold, please take the day off and rest! 

3. Stay Dry 

Sweating cleanses the skin and cools the body which is great, but  if you know yourself to be a heavy sweater please bring extra towels.   You'll understand why after your first class!

4. Please, No Perfumes or Scented Lotions

 Scented perfumes or lotions may cause your skin to become irritated. They can be irritating to the noses of others, too.  Avoid applying lotions altogether as they will prevent your skin from perspiring and cooling as nature intended.   

6. Move Quietly

If you need to leave the yoga room during class or immediately following class, please move quietly through the studio.  After class, please refrain from talking in the yoga room.  You may socialize in the lobby or on the back porch. 

 7. Keep an Open Mind!

Yoga will not always give you what you want but will always give you what you need!